Story Behind The Wall

The Wall is part of the fund-raising programme for Malaysiakini to raise RM3million from supporters and supporting organisations to cover half the purchase price of our new office building - @KINI.

15 years ago Malaysiakini set out to redefine media in Malaysia. Our goal was to be the number one source of political news, the place all Malaysians would look to for independent news coverage of political affairs. We believed that this was what Malaysians wanted, and if such a news source was available, it would change the country. We believe we were right.

To grow, Malaysiakini needs a stronger foundation. Like a tree growing taller, the Malaysiakini building – simply called @Kini – helps Malaysiakini plant deeper roots, to become more stable as we reach higher.

@Kini will provide more space for Malaysiakini to grow – in terms of workspace, meetings areas, training rooms and video studios. It will offer better facilities for the hardworking staff of Malaysiakini, the true heroes who deliver the news and views that matter.

With the building, Malaysiakini also aims to be rooted in public participation. The building will also have the country’s first live webcasting centre, where forums and discussions can be held with an audience interacting at the venue and over the Internet. Malaysiakini training facilities will be open to public workshops. We envision regular talks, dialogues and movie screenings to drive public participation on current issues.