The Building

@Kini is located in Section 51, one of the early industrial areas in Petaling Jaya. We expect the area to grow into a commercial hub, and within a 10 minute walk to the new town centre – PJ Sentral. It’s accessible via Jalan Tandang, and is about 300 metres off the Federal Highway.

The building is located with PJ51 Business Park, a gated business community.


The land area is about 10,000 square feet, with a similar built up space. The land is an industrial lot, with a 99 year lease. The purchase price of the building is RM 6.1 million. With stamp duties and other fees, as well as renovations and fittings, Malaysiakini estimates the total cost to be in the range of RM 7 million. Bank financing will cover RM 3 million, where as Malaysiakini will invest RM 1 million. We’re looking to raise the balance RM 3 million from the public.

The building will nearly double Malaysiakini’s current office space in Bangsar Utama. Although not as central and as accessible as Bangsar Utama, the extra parking and office space will be essential as Malaysiakini grows. A critical element is the space for more forums and live webcasts, as well a better studio facilities as Internet television becomes mainstream.

The building is being designed by Ambrose Poh. Here are some graphic illustrations of what it will look like.

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