Let’s support Malaysiakini … with bricks

YOURSAY ‘I will definitely buy one brick and will canvass my friends and relatives in Malaysia and overseas to support this cause.’

Buy a brick, help build a home for Malaysiakini

b281a108b0924a0f4fe3e90f461e0baaCala: What a great idea from Malaysiakini co-founders Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran. I am certain 51 percent of the voters in the 505 (May 5) general election would approve this move by Malaysiakini to be better equipped in carrying out its vision and mission.

Remember, extractive political institutions can only flourish when the media is docile, clueless and unethical. Since the MSM (mainstream media) is already a goner, Malaysiakini is the last bastion of freedom of the press.

Telestai!: Ordinarily, Malaysiakini should be able to operate peacefully but amidst persecution and bullying tactics from Umno, Malaysiakini is having trouble finding a proper building to operate.

Those who care for and love this country should contribute to this worthy cause. If you cannot fork out RM1,000, you could buy a three-year subscription. It will all add up.

Lone_star: I would like to suggest that the ‘Support @Kini’ page has an extra button for those who want to contribute amount less than RM1,000. There must be lots of such supporters out there in 1Mkiniland.

Here’s wishing Malaysiakini a long, long stay in @Kini, and long live “News and Views that Matter”.

Sakit Hati Ku: I agree, every supporter of Malaysiakini should be given a chance to participate in the donation drive, and it is immaterial if the donor’s name is written on the brick.

Perhaps a plague on the wall in appreciation of all donors who are unable to raise RM1,000 each should suffice.

Let the building be a reflection of all decent Malaysians who fight for a better future for Malaysia. You can count me in!

Yeoh Chee Weng: I suggest donations of RM300 to RM500 for retirees. There is no need to compensate us with recognition, though it would be much appreciated if a portion is accepted as advance payment for subscription.

I wish the Malaysiakini management all the success in building a new home and a more secure future.

Dont Just Talk: In addition to the RM1,000 ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign, Malaysiakini should also receive donations of smaller amount – RM100 each from senior citizens/retirees who wished to help Malaysiakini out in getting a permanent building.

Malaysiakini should open a separate current account for such a purpose and there are contributors like me who wished to help.

Pputeh: I, too, am a retiree. RM1,000 is a bit too much from my monthly pension. I love reading Malaysiakini and I’m a subscriber. We can contribute RM50. Don’t forget, small amounts together can go a long way.

Jbsuara: Congratulations to Malaysiakini for going on the path to achieving greater heights. You have make online news reading pleasurable and deliver news (and comments) with much speed.

I read The Star regularly years ago but now I can stop reading print newspapers for news without missing anything. Once again, thank you for the service and I will support you with one brick.

Appum: Well done, Malaysiakini. I will definitely buy one brick and will canvass my friends and relatives in Malaysia and overseas to support this cause. There is no news like Malaysiakini news.

A_Malaysian: It would be better if Malaysiakini issues non-voting shares. I would definitely buy some to show my support even if it never pays a single sen of dividend.

Abasir: This is a milestone event indeed. And thank you for giving Malaysians a voice. Always maintain your objectivity and never descend to the gutter, which, anyway, is fully filled by the MSM.

Malaysians looking to build a better Malaysia will support Malaysiakini… with bricks.

Toonarmy: Good timing. With year-end bonuses, hopefully more bricks will be sold. Just spend some money fortifying the place to defend it against raids by Umno’s minions.

Vijay47: Malaysiakini, you have hanged in there, fought tough fights after tough fights, took on the forces of evil, and now you are forging ahead even more. Next stop surely must be ‘Malaysiakini – The Newspaper!’

I am certain that most of Malaysiakini readers and subscribers will come together to help Malaysiakini raise the necessary funds for the purchase of the building.

It is also great that Malaysiakini will be giving donors commemorative bricks. I for one will request that you make the bricks especially hard – there are quite a few BN politicians I would love to throw the bricks at.

AshrafinKL: I’ve just bought my brick.

RR: From the overwhelming support by Malaysians for Malaysiakini’s new building, we can see how starved are Malaysians for genuine news.

by the response, Malaysiakini need not take a bank loan. I am buying a brick for RM1,000 and I don’t want free subscriptions.

Editor’s note: Thanks for the enthusiastic support as well as suggestions on the ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign. We are incorporating your suggestions in the coming days and this FAQ will help answer some questions. Watch this space.

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