What do I get for my RM 1000 contribution?
1. A preferred name on a brick. This brick will form a “Wall of Appreciation” at our new building. The name on the brick is limited to 16 characters, inclusive of spaces.
2. *One-year subscription coupon to Malaysiakini x 3 (worth RM450)
3. *Three-month subscription coupon to Malaysiakini x 3 (worth RM150)
4. *Three-day advertisement in Malaysiakini’s homepage x 1 (worth RM400)
5. A booklet commemorating the new building @Kini.
6. Two tickets to the office-warming party.
*All coupons will be valid for use until Dec 31st 2015

If I reside in the US, is my deduction tax free?
Yes, US-based readers can contribute via the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), a registered non-profit organisations, in order to receive a tax exemption. There are a few other terms and conditions. Please email [email protected] for more details.

Can we put someone else name on the brick?
Yes, as long we that person gives permission for his or her name to be used.

Are the subscription and advertising coupons transferable? How about the office warming tickets?
Yes, all the benefits can be used by other parties. You can give the coupons to your family members or friends as gifts. Individuals, who may not have anything to advertise, can promote a cause they believe in, or donate the advertising coupon to a good cause.

Can I contribute less than RM1,000?
Yes. All contributions will be displayed on the building website. However, only contributions of RM1,000 will get a brick. Individuals can pool together their contributions and submit a group name (no more than 16 characters) to be inscribed on the brick.

When will we receive the coupons and the booklet?
We are currently finalising the coupons and they will be emailed to each contributor before the end of the year.

Who are the shareholders of Malaysiakini?
Malaysiakini.com is owned by Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd. The co-founders and majority shareholders are Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran, who together own 60% of the company. The Media Development Investment Fund owns 29% and 11% is owned by Malaysiakini staff.

Why is Malaysiakini, a profit-orientated organisation, raising funds? Is this legal?

Malaysiakini is providing subscriptions and advertising in exchange for every contribution. This is completely legal.

Although Malaysiakini is profit-orientated – as we need to make enough money to remain financially independent and to expand our operations – Malaysiakini puts its mission of providing independent news ahead of profits.

Any support that Malaysiakini receives goes towards strengthening its brand of journalism, so that it can better provide news and views that matter to all Malaysians.

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