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“One thing I admire the most about Malaysiakini is that everything it does is so unique and so different. So, this time Malaysiakini made me incredibly proud and honoured and absolutely delighted to buy a brick for RM1,000. No other media company can match its power. But the other side of that coin – no other media company does what they do to deserve that power.”


“I am a Malaysian fan…an enthusiast – all because of MalaysiaKini. Supporting the reporters, editors and business team at Malaysiakini by purchasing a simple brick is the least I can do in return for the gift they have given me, the ability to understand at least a little of the complex place that is Malaysia.”


“Its an honour indeed to contribute a brick in support of Malaysakini’s fight for greater press freedom, investigative reporting in its quest for good governance in Malaysia.
The road to freedom is long and often arduous, …and your resilience only sets to inspire! keep up the fight, Malaysiakini!!”