M’kini building – Penang Gerakan head buys a brick

Penang Gerakan chief Teng Chang Yeow has become the first BN leader in the state to contribute to Malaysiakini’s ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign to raise RM3 million toward the cost of its new premises in Petaling Jaya.

His RM1,000 contribution follows that of other politicians, notably PAS deputy president Mohammed Sabu, former BN Temerloh MP Saifuddin Abdullah and 40 DAP representatives who have pledged a total of RM40,000.

Named @Kini, the semi-detached building situated in the PJ51 Business Park in Section 51, will cost RM7 million, including renovations.

878145814accfabe6de1a1d0bb650914“Mat Sabu (as Mohammad is popularly known) did it for a political purpose. I’m doing it because I support press freedom,” Teng (left) said at the state Gerakan headquarters yesterday.

“He chose the right timing as he was aiming for the PAS deputy president’s post. I am doing it although I lost the post as Gerakan national chief.”

Teng said he wholly supports the need for press freedom as it promotes transparency and accountability in governance, noting that Malaysiakini has been playing this role since its inception in 1999.

“This is despite the many interpretations of what it has done for some political parties, whether for the government or the opposition,” he said.

“To me that is not important. What is important is that we have to uphold the freedom of reporting, professionalism and ethical journalism. (Then) it does not matter if Malaysiakini gives us good, bad, beautiful or ugly publicity.”

Asked his view of the portal’s coverage of issues in Penang, where the BN is in the opposition, he said it should report what both the government and opposition should do, as was done in the case of the state government’s trip to China.

As for reports critical of the BN, Teng said this was to be expected, but also pointed out that politicians seldom thanked journalists when positive reports are published.

“We never openly praise them, thank them or place an advertisement saying ‘thank you very much’ or kiss them in public for giving us good publicity!

“But when they write something bad, there are people who chase them out of press conferences, bar them, take legal action (or) even curse them and make sarcastic remarks, which I think is not right.

“If I have been misquoted, I would say that I failed to express my views well. (But I don’t agree with anyone deliberately) twisting and distorting my statements…”

Returns for support

Since the campaign was launched on Nov 15, some 240 supporters have already bought the bricks, raising a total of RM282,240.

a9af4efa29236b49e519f946b2a50264 (1)Contributors will have their names engraved on a brick, which will be installed on a wall at the new building.

They will also enjoy RM1,000 worth of subscriptions and advertising.

Corporate contributions of RM25,000 and RM50,000 will be reciprocated with the same quantum of subscriptions and advertising, while smaller contributions are also accepted.

Please click here for more information on how you can get involved.

Buy a brick, help build a home for Malaysiakini

Source: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/247702

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