"14 years ago Malaysiakini set out to redefine media in Malaysia. Our goal was to be the number one source of political news, the place all Malaysians would look to for independent news coverage of political affairs. We believed that this is what Malaysians wanted, and if such a news source was available, it would..." Read More

A journey of a thousand bricks ends, but…

April 14, 2014

Malaysiakini‘s journey of a thousand bricks ended last week. On April 10 at 4pm, we keyed in our final supporter for our ‘appreciation’ wall at Malaysiakini‘s new building. A nationwide effort to raise funds from the public for Malaysiakini’snew building saw RM1.57 million raised so far. Apart from the 1,000 people on our website who have contributed … Continue reading A journey of a thousand bricks ends, but…

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98 Malaysiakini bricks left for the Wall

March 29, 2014

Two months before Nov 15, 2013 – when Malaysiakini kicked off its ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign – CEO Premesh Chandran saw in his mind’s eye a wall with names of 1,000 people on each brick. This wall would symbolise the support for independent media in a country where the truth is often stifled. Malaysiakini set an ambitious target … Continue reading 98 Malaysiakini bricks left for the Wall

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Thanks for all the love… Happy Valentine’s

February 14, 2014

Mr Cher called the office; a kind gentle voice asked us if he could meet us on Chinese New Year’s eve. We had no idea that his visit would bring us endless smiles as we welcomed the Year of the Horse. We were waiting for him when a humble looking middle-aged man with a firm … Continue reading Thanks for all the love… Happy Valentine’s

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As They See It

“All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.”


“At last, we don’t have to constantly worry about being evicted by landlords spooked by the authorities.”


“We are NOT just another brick on the wall. We ARE the Wall!”


“I am a fan of Malaysiakini for many years now. It’s a privilege to donate to something so worthwhile.”


“A dream – if it’s big enough, it’ll take most of your life to achieve… I’ may start with a brick now, but I know I’ll have a tower later!”


“The loftiest towers rise from the ground, am proud to be part of this…”


“Its an honour indeed to contribute a brick in support of Malaysakini’s fight for greater press freedom, investigative reporting in its quest for good governance in Malaysia.
The road to freedom is long and often arduous, …and your resilience only sets to inspire! keep up the fight, Malaysiakini!!”


“I am a Malaysian fan…an enthusiast – all because of MalaysiaKini. Supporting the reporters, editors and business team at Malaysiakini by purchasing a simple brick is the least I can do in return for the gift they have given me, the ability to understand at least a little of the complex place that is Malaysia.”


“One thing I admire the most about Malaysiakini is that everything it does is so unique and so different. So, this time Malaysiakini made me incredibly proud and honoured and absolutely delighted to buy a brick for RM1,000. No other media company can match its power. But the other side of that coin – no other media company does what they do to deserve that power.”


“Anyone who invests in media freedom, invests in the freedom of man. The freedom to be informed. “


“Malaysiakini is like an ocean, open, deep and free, reaching out to all corners of the world. I am so proud to be a drop of water in this vast ocean. Come swim/sail with me”


“Yay! We finally have a home and I want to be a part of building that home.”